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Golf is a self-regulating game and it is the responsibility of all golfers to know the Rules.  The R&A have developed an education program focusing on Rules of Golf, the link below takes you to an education video that R&A has produced to help Juniors with learning the rule of golf. Although the video's target audience is Juniors, its also a great tool for those new to golf or those wishing to brush up on the rules.

Watch all the action in the video from R&A's Rules Skool  – Follow featured player George Harper Jnr’s encounters with the Rules of Golf as he progresses through the championship and let commentators guide you through the Rulings and watch practical demonstrations to get to grips with all the need-to-know knowledge for building your Rules of Golf brain.

Click the following link to take you to the video page, then click the video play button on the Golf Ball to start the Video.