Copyright 2024 - Beith Golf Club (Est. 1896)

Beith Golf Club hopes that members, visitors and guests will assist in maintaining standards expected, both on the Course and in the Clubhouse.

We ask that you kindly abide by our etiquette rules.

  • Jeans are not permitted on the course but dress jeans are permitted in the Club house
  • Trousers, tailored shorts/skirts and collared shirts must be worn on the course
  • Golf shoes must be worn on the course
  • Caps are not permitted to be worn in the Club house
  • No football colours are permitted to be worn at any time

Etiquette on the Golf Course

  • Replace Divots
  • Repair all pitch marks, even if it's not yours.
  • Please rake the sand in bunkers after playing
  • Do not take trolleys on the tees, greens or their surrounds
  • Please keep the course tidy
  • All mobile phones are to be kept on silent
  • All competition matches have priority
  • A single player has no standing on the course
  • So, in essence, the same as most other private clubs
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